Timberland development, industrial wood fibre and coal replacement fuel solutions
Operating across the entire timber supply chain… from forest to factory or fuel
Vertically-integrated complementary business units
Expertly-managed independent divisions working together to optimise resources and opportunities
International sourcing, manufacturing and logistics operations
Providing market-leading products and services to a variety of industry sectors
Innovative forestry stewardship, management and development services
Commercialising valuable timberlands in partnership with asset owners around the world
One of Europe’s largest suppliers of raw material for MDF manufacturing
Converting forestry waste and low-grade timber into industrial wood fibre
Revolutionary Biomass ‘drop-in’ coal replacement fuel for industrial power generation
Enabling coal-fired power plants to switch to clean-burning renewable energy without retrofits
Environmentally-sensitive solutions that optimise and protect natural resources
Transforming under-utilised assets and industrial residues into valuable commodities
Long-term timber supply and industrial by-products sourcing arrangements
Securing high volumes of raw material feedstock for onward processing
Optimised sourcing, processing and logistics operations
Ensuring efficiencies and maximum ROI across all business operations
International experience and contacts across diverse industries
Expert management team skilled in forestry, timber processing and renewable energy sectors
A fast-growing business bringing innovative ideas to established industries
Expanding internationally to deliver lasting value to stakeholders