The new Active Energy Group
Pan-European timber sourcing, processing and logistics
Supplying high-quality woodchip for Biomass power generation and MDF manufacturing
Long-term sustainable timber feedstock resources
Extensive raw material supply contracts with forestry owners and operators
Providing customers with a reliable source to meet their current and future needs
State-of-the-art high-volume processing facilities
Capable of speedily converting raw timber into high-quality finished woodchip
Producing superior feedstock material for Biomass fuel and MDF manufacturing
Fully-integrated advanced logistics infrastructure
Total supply chain control - from receipt of raw timber to delivery of final woodchip
Ensuring cost-effective and efficient inventory control and customer order tracking
Strategically-located shipping and transport hubs
Extensive loading and despatch facilities at major sea, rail and road terminals
Guaranteeing fast and low-cost delivery of woodchip to customers across Europe
Proven expertise in high-volume woodchip supply
Extensive operational experience across entire timber supply chain
Optimising margins and maximising resources via innovative production processes
Leveraging the growing demand for Biomass fuel
Supplying large volumes of high-quality woodchip products for energy generation
Satisfying the fuel feedstock requirements of European Biomass power plants
Meeting the needs of European MDF producers
Speedily delivering large volumes of high-quality locally-produced woodchip
Providing a cost-effective and reliable alternative to traditional supply sources
A dynamic, fast-moving long-term business
Exploring new supply sources, export routes and market opportunities
Building a fully-integrated pan-European Biomass-based renewable energy utility
Led by a highly-experienced management team
With a proven track record in raw material sourcing, processing and supply
Creating a unique network of Biomass production, logistics and power generation facilities